Dylan Love: editorial gun for hire.

Very few of the best songs of 2014 were actually released in 2014

1. Misguided Angel – Cowboy Junkies

You’re waiting for a phone call and it comes too late — little did you realize you could have been the one to call in the first place.


2. Bad Kids – Black Lips

Bruce Springsteen on this much [   ] drugs.


3. Turtles All The Way Down – Sturgill Simpson

Psychedelic space cowboy, fly me to the moon on your guitar of chanting winged snakes.


4. Marie Marie – The Blasters

Phil Alvin’s sing-grimace must be seen to be believed.


5. Veronica Lake – New Bomb Turks

Youth rendered as reckless invulnerability.


6. Seventeen – Sex Pistols

Youth rendered as a 30-foot-tall f-word that is neon and on fire.


7. Space Captain – Joe Cocker

Joe Cocker flails when he sings because he leaves his body. Listen to this song and you can leave yours.


8. Red Eyes – The War On Drugs

Not quite common time, not quite polyrhythm, just right nonetheless.


9. Lazy Flies – Beck

Drowning just to learn you can breathe underwater.


10. Simple As This – Jake Bugg

Sucrose is the sugar that’s bad for you. Glucose is the better kind.