Dylan Love: editorial gun for hire.

This is what my face looks like.Congratulations, you’ve found him: a seasoned writer and reporter with years of professional experience putting the right words in the right order.

My name is Dylan Love and I’ve emerged from the digital media trenches to make my services available to you and your organization. Why don’t you say hi or check out some of my proudest work?

Need some original content for your site? I got you. Need some editing or proofreading help? I got you. Need to get a worthwhile blog off the ground for your business? Let’s talk.

Больше всего меня интересует работа с клиентами из России!

I have ghostwritten for international executives, created press releases that actually get read, singlehandedly operated worthwhile company blogs, and helped foreign businesses enter the English-speaking market with confidence.

Simply put, I am available for all order of editorial consulting. Drop me a line and let me know how I can help.