Dylan has a true gift for communicating complex ideas so that they are easy to understand. Highly recommend for augmenting and amplifying your writing and copy initiatives.

Alex Bates, Managing Partner of Neocortex Ventures
Kyiv, 2018

I help companies tell technology-driven stories.

My work history includes a decade of experience as a tech journalist, my life includes a longtime fascination with the power of words. I’m a writing-minded editorial consultant who lives at the intersection of technology and liberal arts. Companies seek me out to elevate the quality of their English communication, especially as it pertains to their media and marketing machines.

Dylan’s dedication to the craft of writing will benefit anyone who desires to effectively communicate via the written word.

Jay Cassano, CEO of

¡Yo hablo español! Я говорю по-русски! From acquisition inquiry emails to user interface translation to explanatory documentation and even the words appearing on hundred-foot billboards, I design content that achieves business goals for companies headquartered from Singapore to Silicon Valley.

My services include:

  • Ghostwritten thought leadership. Glamorizing your ideas while preserving fluency and coherence.
  • Press releases that actually get read. Don’t let this routine marketing content be your biggest missed opportunity.
  • RU<>EN and ES<>EN translation. Messages that cross borders with confidence.
  • Podcasting, event moderation, on-call English troubleshooting, and more.

Dylan helped us reach a global audience by translating, proofreading, and copywriting with speed and efficiency.

Daria Zolotukhina, Chief Marketing Officer of Yandex Go

As a digital native with significant time in the media trenches, I have a strong barometer for what flies and what fails in the landscape today. As a seasoned reporter simultaneously endowed with marketing experience, I’m a force multiplier for your existing publicity efforts.

Drop me an email to discuss how strategic storytelling can move the needle for your business.

Working with Dylan is so smooth. He gets what you are looking for and delivers it with the ease of a pro.

Aseem Thakkur, CEO of Aseemai